Great Wreath Ideas – Homescaping Design

Tired of traditional wreaths? Then personalize your wreath! Let your imagination run wild. Check this link for some great ideas and don’t be afraid to be creative.

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Selecting Your Halloween Pumpkin – Homescaping Design

Did you know there are two types of pumpkins available? Field pumpkins are larger and a bright shade of orange. They make greaet jack-o-lanterns. Sugar pumpkins are slightly smaller and they are a deeper shade of orange. If you planning to cook with a pumpkin, it’s best to choose a sugar pumpkin since the flavor is sweeter, though both are edible. Don’t forget that trick or treat is Thursday, October 25 from 6:00-8:00 in many parts of Allen County. Watch out for the kids when you’re on the road!

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Make a Nut Wreath to Welcome Fall – Homescaping Design

Welcome guests to your home with a fall-inspired nut wreath for your door. It’s easy to make. Just get a wooden wreath form…24″ is the standard size for most front doors, 2 pounds of walnuts in the shell, a pound of pecans in the shell, a pound of hazelnuts in the shell and a pound of almonds in the shell. Or feel free to use any nuts like acorns that you may have in your yard. Start by using a hot glue gun to fix the walnuts to the form, then fill in the spaces with the smaller nuts. Once the form is completely concealed, tie a festive bow on the bottom. It’s a great way to bring a bit of fall to your home.

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Scent Your Jack O’Lantern – Homescaping Design

There’s nothing more festive to decorate your porch at this time of year than a jack o’lantern. Did you know they can smell as festive as they look? When you carve your pumpkin, score the inside of the top with your knife and rub it with cooking oil. Then rub on a mixture of pumpkin pie mix and essential oil, like cinnamon, clove, ginger or allspice. When you light your candle, the heat from the flame will warm the spices and oils, giving off a delicious aroma. By the way, if you carve your pumpkin from the bottom rather than the top, you won’t have a lid that shrinks and falls onto your candle.

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Pumpking Carving Templates – Homescaping Design

HGTV has some great stencils for both beginner and advanced pumpkin carvers.
You can find them at this link:

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Remove Stains From Dishes Naturally – Homescaping Design

Have ugly stains on your dishes and want to remove them without using harsh chemicals? Whether they’re the result of coffee, tomato sauce, or hard water, soaking your dishes in a mixture of vinegar & water for several hours will help make them sparkle. A mixture of vinegar & baking soda makes a powerful, natural scrub to help erase those really stubborn stains. For a less labor-intensive clean, just add a cup of vinegar to your dishwasher when you run it, and many of your stains will disappear effortlessly. Note** You should remove cutlery and any other metal items from your dishwasher before you run it with vinegar.
Have questions? Give us a call here at Blass Residential Services. We can do that!

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Wreath Storage Ideas – Homescaping Design

Your wreaths are beautiful, and you want to keep them that way. But they’re so big, storage can be difficult. Here are some ideas to keep your wreaths looking great until next year.
-Purchase a wreath bag or box, specially designed for the shape of your wreath.
-If you’d rather not spend the money, put your wreaths in garbage bags individually, put hooks in the top and hang them up in your storage area.
This keeps them from getting squashed by other boxes and keeps the dust off of them. It also protects your ornaments and decorations from falling
off. Avoid laying wreaths down since if they’re not on a perfectly flat surface, they can warp.
-Try putting smaller wreaths in boot boxes. Ask the kids to decorate them for you with some glitter, ribbons, paint, and anything else their
creative little minds dream up. But remember, store the boxes on their sides.
These handy tips will keep your wreaths looking great for a lifetime of memories.

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Unique Holiday Wreaths – Homescaping Design

So you’ve put your wreath on your front door. Same as last year. Getting a little boring?
Martha Stewart has some great ideas for unique wreaths that will dress up your front door or any room of your home.
Check this link to see them, and get your kids or grandkids involved for a fun holiday project.

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What is Contemporary Styling? – Homescaping Design

Need a new look for your home and you’re really not sure where to start? If you like an open, simple feel, try contemporary styling.
Uncomplicated, straight lines are commonly used in contemporary styling; furniture is square or rectangular and laid out at right angles. Colors are usually neutral…whites, beiges and creams. The most commonly used materials are chrome, steel, glass, hardwood and natural stone. This simplicity should bring a feeling of peace and tranquility to your home. To keep the design from being stark and boring, accent your rooms with bold colors and textures such as throw pillow, draperies, and art. You will create visually stunning spaces that are also comfortable to live in.
Need one-on-one advice? Give us a call here at Blass Residential Services and we’ll send our interior design artist to your home for assistance.

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Pumpking Carving Stencils – Homescaping Design

Hi Gang!
Getting ready to carve your Halloween pumpkins? Here’s a link to some free stencils you’ll enjoy.

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