Clean Your Chimney Before You Light A Fire – Home Improvement

If you like to cozy up to a roaring fire on these chilly nights, you should make sure your fireplace is clean.  A build up of creosote and soot can spark a fire if you’re not careful.  Cleaning a fireplace is a messy job and requires some agility so if you’re not up to it, call a professional chimney sweep.  If you’d like to give it a try yourself, you should go to your hardware store and get a chimney brush…yes, like the one Dick Van Dyke used in Mary Poppins.  Measure your fireplace flue first so you know whether to get a 6″ or 8″ brush in either round or square.  The first step is to cover the area around your fireplace with drop cloths so you don’t make a mess.  Then shovel out the accumulated ashes.  Open and remove the damper, and working either from the roof down, or the fireplace up, use your brush to give the chimney a thorough scrubbing to remove all the build-up.  Then take a stiff wire brush and scrub out the fireplace and your wood basket.  Use a shop vac to clean up the debris, and don’t forget to give your andirons a good polish.  Now you’re all set for this winter!

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