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What perfect weather for painting!  If you plan to spend this cool, sunny weekend painting your house, here are some tips.  Proper prep work will make the job go much faster, make the final result look better, and last longer.  First, clean off any dirt, mildew or bugs from your house, then use a scraper to remove any peeling or chipping paint.  Sand the walls for a smooth surface, and apply a coat of primer.  Don’t forget to put a drop cloth over your plants before you start to paint.  If you’re using a latex paint, use a nylon/polyester brush; if you’re using oil based paint, a natural bristle brush works best.  Don’t paint over paint that is drying or you could end up with buckling; instead, overlap wet areas of paint for an even appearance.  Here’s a hint…save the lid with the color formula from your paint can so if you need to make some touch-ups down the road, the store can match the color.  Don’t want to tackle the job yourself?  Give us a call here at Blass Residential Services.  Yep, we do that!

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