Humidity’s Effect On Your House – Home Improvement

Wow, has it been muggy lately.  All this humidity in the air really saps your energy and makes you feel uncomfortable, but it has an effect on your house too.  Too much humidity in the air can warp door frames, making your doors difficult to close.  It can also warp hardwood floors, make your water pipes ‘sweat’, cause condensation on your windows, contribute to the growth of mold and musty smells, and even make your home a breeding ground for insects.  So what do you do?  Well, air conditioning is a great way to solve the problem, but if you can’t afford air conditioning, try using a dehumidifier.  It will pull the moisture out of the air and make your home much more comfortable.  Also, try putting plastic over a dirt crawl space to keep ground moisture from rising.  Make sure your dryer is properly vented outside your home.  Fix any leaks you may have in your plumbing.  Use ventilation fans in the bathrooms and kitchen, and make sure those fans are vented outside.  Need more advice?  We’d be glad to help you at Blass Residential Services!

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