How To Save A Storm-Damaged Tree – Landscaping & Lawn Care

The worst of the storm passed us by, but quite a few tree limbs came down overnight.  If you have a storm damaged tree, here’s some advice:  First, before working on your tree, make sure there are no downed power lines or hanging branches which could be ready to fall.  If you have broken limbs, prune them back to the point where they join the trunk.  If the limb is large and you’re not comfortable with a chain saw, it’s best to have a professional arborist do the work, but you should be able to easily remove the smaller limbs yourself.  Just be careful not to stand underneath them when they fall.  If you have jagged bark from a torn limb, use a chisel or sharp knife to smooth the edges, which not only improves the tree’s appearance, but helps keep bugs from hiding in the bark.  Be careful not to expose any more of the inner green bark than necessary; this carries food and water from the roots to the leaves.  Once the tree is properly pruned, the damage will heal and the tree will sprout beautiful new growth.

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