Design The Perfect Garden Path – Landscaping & Lawn Care

It turns the corner and meanders through the flowers into the distance, inviting you to follow it.  Where does it lead?

A properly designed garden path not only ties your house to your garden, but entices the imagination with the possibilities that lie ahead.  Use stepping stones or bricks to lay out your path, or use mulch for smaller paths that lead  into the landscaping.  If your garden is small, a straight, narrow path can make it appear larger.  If you have a large garden, a path that follows the contours of the plants – winding around trees and skirting flower beds – is a good way to reveal the beautiful views.  Try concealing things like sculptures around a bend so when your guests approach, they’re struck by the surprise waiting for them.  Always make sure that the materials your choose for your path complement the colors of your home.  Also make sure that the path is wide enough for your garden equipment.  Measure your cart, mower, rototiller, etc. and make the path slightly wider.  Need more advice?  Please give us a call here at Blass Residential Services and let us lead you up the garden path!

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