Sharpen Your Mower Blade For Healthy Grass – Landscaping & Lawn Care

You’ve probably mowed your lawn a couple times so far this spring.  Does the grass look frayed and brown on the ends afterwards?  Then it’s time to sharpen your mower blade.  You can do this yourself easily.  Use a socket wrench with a long handle to remove the nut holding the blade onto the mower, then put the blade in a clamp and use a file to sharpen it.  You should file from the top side of the cutting edge for a longer-lasting edge.  Sharpen the blade only until it’s butter-knife sharp.  There’s no need to make it razor-sharp.  In fact, a very sharp blade will dull more quickly.  If you have a mulching blade, you may have to take that to a professional to be sharpened since the curved cutting edges are more difficult to negotiate.  When you’re finished sharpening, hang the blade from a nail on the wall and see if it balances.  If one side tips down, file it a little more until both sides balance evenly.  Then simply reattach the blade to the mower.  Make sure you get it right side up or it won’t cut at all!  Have questions?  Ask one of the lawn & landscape experts at Blass Residential Services.  Yep, we do that!

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