Flowering Bulbs – Landscaping & Lawn Care

The daffodils, crocuses and tulips bloomed literally overnight this week. Aren’t they beautiful!? If you don’t have flowering bulbs in your yard, plan to plant some this fall so you can enjoy the stunning colors next spring. Bulbs are best planted in the fall before the ground freezes. Plant them in clumps for the most impact, at a depth of 3-4 times the bulb’s diameter, and remember – the pointy end goes up. For a casual country effect, naturalize the bulbs by planting them randomly in your yard so they bloom through the grass. Once the flowers are finished blooming, cut the stalks back to the ground, but do NOT cut the leaves until they have withered and turned brown. The leaves need to stay on the plant so it can photosynthesize and generate food for next spring.
If you’d like more advice on how to create a beautiful garden, give us a call here at Blass Residential Services. Yep, we do that!

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