Don’t Let Your New Year’s Eve Party Destroy Your Floor – Home Improvement

Having a New Year’s Eve party? It can wreak havoc on your flooring. Try these tips to protect your floors:
-Drop the shoes at the door. With rain and snow on the ground, mud is sure to make its way into your home. To help avoid muddy footprints, ask your family and friends to leave their shoes at the door. Provide a bench to sit on and a shoe rack for safe storage.
-Arm your home with mats at the entryways. These rugs allow for most of the muck on shoes to be left on the easy-to-clean mat, rather than your carpet.
-Be prepared for spills. Accidents happen! Hot coffee, chocolatey cocoa and a little bit of your favorite red wine might make their way onto your carpet. Be armed with baking soda to help pull the moisture out of a spill, plenty of clean white rags and a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water to blot up stains.
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