Protect Your Home From Fire – Home Improvement

A residential fire breaks out every 85 seconds in the United States. Most of us think that our homes are fire-safe, but there are lurking dangers you may not be aware of. Your wiring may be out of sight behind the walls, but it should not be out of mind. Something simple like driving a nail into the wall to hang a picture could pierce a wire and cause a fire. You can protect against this with an arc-fault circuit interruptor, found in hardware stores for about $30. Lint build-up inside your dryer cabinet can also start a fire, even if you clean the lint trap every time you dry a load of laundry. Every two years, you should have a professional open up your dryer cabinet and clean it. Have you ever plugged in an appliance and thought the cord seemed loose, or even had it fall out? That’s because the blades inside your outlets loosen over time. You should replace them as soon as you notice they’re worn. Of course never leave cooking or candles unattended, and keep a three foot area around them free of anything that could burn. Keep these safety tips in mind and you will minimize your chances of a fire.

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