Rake Safely This Fall – Landscaping & Lawn Care

The trees are turning brilliant colors of yellow, orange and red. It’s a breathtaking sight…until they all fall on your lawn you’re forced to rake them up. Before you pick up that rake, here’s some advice on how to rake safely.
First, have the correct rake. A heavier metal rake will gather the leaves faster than a lightweight plastic rake. Shop around to find one that’s comfortable for your height and has handgrips. Ergonomic rakes are also available.
Do some stretching of your shoulder, neck & back muscles, and a few deep knee and side bends to limber up.
Stand up straight and rake to the side to keep from straining your back. And don’t forget to lift with your knees, not your back, when you bend to pick up piles.
Raking leaves can burn 300 calories an hour, so if you take proper precautions, it’s great exercise. Now get out and enjoy the fall weather!

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