Your Lawn Is Probably OK – Landscaping & Lawn Care

Your lawn is brown and crunchy because of too little rain and too much heat this summer. But it’s probably ok. In times of drought and heat, lawns go dormant and can survive 3 or 4 weeks with very little water, depending on the type of turf you have. But if the lawn goes any longer than this without water, it could die. To give the lawn a good drink, make sure the ground is soaked 5 inches deep. This probably won’t green up your lawn, but it will keep the grass alive. To make the lawn green, it needs to receive an inch of water a week. To keep you lawn from getting any more stressed during this drought, try to stay off of it, don’t fertilize, and if you have to mow, set the blade high. Need help with lawncare? Give us a call here at Blass Residential Services. We can do that!

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