Remove Those Hard Water Stains – Home Improvement

Do you have ugly brown stains in your toilets that just won’t come out? They’re mineral deposits left by the iron, magnesium and calcium in your water. To remove them, look for a toilet bowl cleanser containing diluted hydrochloric acid. Drain the water from your toilet by turning off the shut-off valve below the bowl and flushing. When the bowl is dry, scrub the stains with the cleanser, using a brush with stiff nylon bristles, not wire bristles, which will scratch the finish. This should remove the stains. A couple notes: if you use a stick-on or hanging cleaner in your tank or bowl, remove it before you begin and flush until its chemicals are gone. You don’t want to mix these products with the cleasner. And be careful not to splash the cleanser because it could harm your floor. Don’t forget to turn the shut-off valve back on to fill your tank. To keep the bowl looking great, scrub it once a week. Have more questions? Give us a call at Blass Residential Services. We can do that!

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