Natural Ant Repellants – Home Improvement

This is the time of year when ants are creeping into your home. Here are some ways to eliminate the pesky pests without resorting to harsh chemicals:
-Dried mint leaves and cloves are an ant deterrant.
-Soak a piece of string in coffee grounds, lemon juice or cayenne pepper and put it across the ants’ entry point. They won’t cross it.
-Pieces of cucumber in front of the ants’ entry point are also a deterrant.
-Mix a cup of sugar, a liter of water and a teaspoon of Borax and soak cotton balls in it. Place the cotton balls in a small container with ant size holes
punched in it. The ants will take the bait back to their nests where it will eventually kill their colonies.
-Cloves placed between the boards of your deck will keep the ants away.
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