Spring Lawn Clean-Up – Landscaping & Lawn Care

The warmer weather has us thinking spring at Blass Residential Services, and we bet you are too.
Here’s some advice for cleaning up your yard and getting it ready for all the new growth that will soon be emerging from the ground:
Prune any branches on shrubs, perennials or trees that died over the winter. Cut them back to live stems, or the first intersecting branch.
Trim overgrown evergreens, leaving branches whose direction you want to encourage.
Trim flowering perennials to 4-5″.
Thin out your perennials such as day lillies and hostas, and reposition any plants that may have been heaved out of place by the winter temperatures.
Remove dead flowers and leaves from your beds if you didn’t do it last fall.
Spread a pelletized fertilizer around your plants so the spring rains will wash it into the ground.
Need some help? Give us a call here at Blass Residential Services. We can do that!

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