Eliminate Window Condensation – Home Improvement

We had quite a cold snap over the long New Year weekend. Did you get condensation on your windows?
There’s a simple explanation for this. The humidity in your home is higher than the dew point. When it meets the colder temperature of your windows, you get condensation, just like when you take a cold drink out of your refrigerator and beads of water appear on its outer surface. This even happens on your expensive, insulated double and triple pane windows, so don’t automatically think that their seal has been compromised.
The simple way to eliminate condensation is to use a humidifier to lower the amount of water vapor inside your home. Many newer humidifiers will do this automatically with built-in outdoor sensors. Also, using exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms will help blow the moist air outside.
Have further questions? Give us a call here at Blass Residential Services. We’d be glad to help you. Happy New Year!

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