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Your wreaths are beautiful, and you want to keep them that way. But they’re so big, storage can be difficult. Here are some ideas to keep your wreaths looking great until next year.
-Purchase a wreath bag or box, specially designed for the shape of your wreath.
-If you’d rather not spend the money, put your wreaths in garbage bags individually, put hooks in the top and hang them up in your storage area.
This keeps them from getting squashed by other boxes and keeps the dust off of them. It also protects your ornaments and decorations from falling
off. Avoid laying wreaths down since if they’re not on a perfectly flat surface, they can warp.
-Try putting smaller wreaths in boot boxes. Ask the kids to decorate them for you with some glitter, ribbons, paint, and anything else their
creative little minds dream up. But remember, store the boxes on their sides.
These handy tips will keep your wreaths looking great for a lifetime of memories.

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