Beer Is For More Than Drinking – Home Improvement

Sure it’s great to relax with a cold beer, but you wouldn’t believe how helpful beer can be around the house. For example:
If you have fruit flies in your kitchen, especially around the trash can, place a jar of beer on the kitchen counter and cover the top with paper or plastic wrap, leaving a small hole for the flies to get into. They won’t be able to get back out.
To get rid of mice, place a little beer in a bucket with a ramp going up the outside. Mice will climb into the bucket and once they’re nice and tipsy, you can release them outside.
Cockroaches will climb into a jar containing a piece of bread-soaked beer. If you put vaseline around the lip of the jar they won’t be able to get back out.
You can even fertilize your plants with beer. They love the sugar, but use it sparingly so your house doesn’t smell like a brewery!
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