The Many Uses of Vinegar – Landscaping Tips

Did you know that vinegar has many uses outside of the kitchen?  Try it in the garden for the following projects:

  – Add a cup of vinegar to a gallon of tap water and use it on acid-loving plants like azaeleas, rhododendrens and gardenias.

  – 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of sugar added to a vase will help your cut flowers last longer.

  –  If you’ve been working with garden lime, rinse your hands with vinegar afterwards to help avoid flaking skin.

  –  Vinegar also helps clean lime off planters.  Give pots a good scrub before reusing them.

  –  Vinegar kills weeds and grass in unwanted areas.

It doesn’t matter what type of vinegar you use, but keep in mind that cider vinegar can leave stains on porous material. 
Need more gardening advice?  Give us a call here at Blass Residential Services for a great looking yard all year long!

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