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After the deluge we had this spring, it’s hard to believe we need to address this topic, but it’s been so dry lately that many lawns are getting brown & crunchy. So how do you properly water your lawn?

A good rule of thumb is one half inch of water per week. To check your sprinkler’s output, put equal size coffee cans or jars around your lawn and run the sprinkler for 20 minutes, then measure the amount of water collected.

Insert a screwdriver into your lawn 6-8 inches, which is the average root depth of your grass. If it goes in easily, you’re probably watering enough. If you encounter hard, dry ground, you need to water more.

Just be sure not to over water. Too much water prevents oxygen from entering the soil and your grass can actually suffocate. Have more questions? Give our lawn care experts a call here at Blass Residential Services. We can do that!

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