Swollen Door? – Home Improvement Projects

Do you have a door that’s become difficult to open or close in the last few weeks?  It could be due to all the rain we’ve had.  High humidity can cause your door and jamb to swell and stick.  If it’s a minor problem, rub a bar of soap over the spot where it sticks to help it slide.  If that doesn’t do the trick, lightly sand the area, but you need to know up front that you’ll have to repaint the finish you’ve sanded off.  Still sticking?  Check for a loose screw or hinge, or possibly a misalignment.  A worst case scenario is that the floor under the door is swollen.  For this, or any problem you don’t feel comfortable handling yourself, call Blass Residential Services and our experienced carpenters and craftsmen can fix it for you.

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