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If you’re planning a cook out this Memorial Day weekend, give your grill a good cleaning for better tasting food and less smoke.  Here’s how.

For a gas grill, lift off the grate and clean the barrier that’s above the burners.  Yes, even though you’ve set the knob to ‘clean’, bits still fall down inside and need to be removed.  Soapy water mixed with a little vinegar does a good job.   Inspect the burners and make sure nothing is clogging them.  Clogged burners lead to uneven heat and poorly cooked food.  Then give your grate a good scraping with a wire brush or grill stone to remove all the burned on particles.  Cast iron grates should be brushed with oil after you clean them to keep food from sticking to them.  If you have a charcoal grill you should remove all the old briquettes in the bottom of your grill and scrape off any debris that has collected there.   Give it a good washing with soapy water mixed with vinegar and then scrub your grate and empty the ash collector.  If your grill is stainless steel, make sure you use a stainless steel cleaner or appliance cleaner and never a brush, stone or any other abrasive or you risk scratching the finish. 

Ideally, you should clean your grate and wipe off your grill after every use to keep it cooking well.  If you need an incentive, remember that grates clean more easily when they’re warm than when they’re cold.  Just let it cool down a bit after use and the debris will wipe off easily.  Hope your holiday weekend is a good one.  While you’re enjoying your bbq and the long weekend, please remember the reason for the holiday and thank a veteran.  Happy Memorial Day!

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Fleur Says,

OK put your charcoal in the grill get the kirnfsogd charcoal not other brands and don’t get the matcklight I had problems with it before. ok when you have your charcoal in spread it out evenly and soak it with lighter fluid. when it is somewhat wet light it. There is going to be a flame for about a minute but it will go out in about a minute. when the flame goes out the charcoal will start to turn white asn that is good you will see the heat between them too. when mostly all the charcoal turns white that when you can place your food on and cover the grill. check your meat every couple of minutes. for chicken breast I do it on the top rack and it takes for about 20 minutes, same with pork chops but you can trow them on the bottom grill and have them grilled in about 5 minutes but htey are going to be more charred. steaks i throw on bottom grill for about 5 minutes a little longer if you want to have them well done. make shure you turn them at least once same thing with salmon. but wait till the grill is real hot. a cool dessert is i get a pineapple throw it on the grill after i slice it and soak it in rum and brown sugar keep it ther turning once for 2 minutes each side then put it on a plate sprinkle with coconut and put one scoop of vanilla icecream delicious.good luck and enjoy it takes time and some experience to grill good so be patient, have fun and enjoy your food.

on August 20, 2012 at 01:51 AM

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