Creative Container Gardening

Dress up your outdoor living space with container gardens.  Container gardening can be so much more creative than just putting a plant in a pot.  Think of it as punctuation for your landscaping.  Build some risers with a variety of plants stair-stepping up toward the sun.  Sink planters into small tables and place them next to your patio chairs for a personal touch that will delight your guests.  Large planters that block the line of sight can make your yard appear larger.  They can also add mystery when placed at the turning of a path, making guests wonder what’s around the corner.  A variety of greens and flowers will add an explosion of color and texture to your landscaping.  Take note of whether the plants need shade or sun and place them accordingly.  Placing the containers near a faucet will make it easy to water them.  If your containers don’t have drainage holes in the bottoms, drill them yourself, or fill the bottoms with gravel.   Most importantly, experiment and have fun!          For more landscaping advice, give us a call here at Blass Residential Services.  We can do that!

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