A Beautiful Lawn Can Be Yours

You can have the lawn you’ve always dreamed of, and it’s not that difficult.  Here are a few tips:

Take a soil test of your lawn to measure the pH and nutrients (Blass Residential Services can do that for you.)   Based on the results, we’ll recommend the fertilizer that will most benefit your lawn.   Up to 90% of weeds are linked to a lack of calcium, so if your lawn falls short, spread high-calcium lime over your grass which will help it absorb nitrogen and synthesize proteins, leaving less for the weeds.  Your lawn will benefit from compost in the early spring.  Apply a 1/2 inch layer over your grass and rake it into the surface.  This will help provide your lawn with valuable nutrients.   Crabgrass is starting to appear already.  To stop it in its tracks, apply a pre-emergent herbicide, but you don’t have to worry about the shady areas since crabgrass doesn’t grow well there.  Make sure your lawnmower blade is sharp to keep from tearing the blades, and keep your grass length at about 3 inches so the blades shade out weeds and keep the soil moist.  Too much work for you?  Just call us here at Blass Residential Services and we’ll make your lawn look great!

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