Time To Clean Your Gutters

How’d your gutters fare with all the rain we had this weekend? If water is cascading over the sides, running down your house and flooding your basement, you need to clean your gutters. It’s simple, but messy. Place a ladder on a firm surface below your gutter, and starting with the drain end, use a small shovel or trowel to scrape out all the leaves, dirt and other debris. Keep a bucket handy down below to dump them in. Wear work gloves since there are often screws and other sharp projections in your gutters. Once the gutter is clear, use your garden hose to blast out the remaining dirt and wash it down the drainpipe. If your drainpipes are clogged, you can run the hose or a plumber’s snake down them to clear them out. You should clean your gutters twice a year to make sure rainwater drains away from your house properly. If you’re uncomfortable with doing this yourself, or if you have a two story house, call Blass Residential Services, and we’ll take care of this chore for you.

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Robert Thomas Says,

Your safety is the most important, if you feel that it’s dangerous enough to do the gutter cleaning then, let a reliable and certified company to do it and let it check if there are need to be repair at the same time.

on March 14, 2011 at 08:50 AM

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