Time To Sharpen Your Mower Blade To Improve Your Landscaping

OK, so it’s cold and snowy outside, and you can’t get into the garden yet, but you might as well get ready for spring and sharpen your mower blade.  A dull mower blade doesn’t cut your grass, it tears it, leaving brown, ragged tips and exposing your grass to diseases and harsh sunlight.  Either take your mower to a professional, or follow these simple steps:

-Disconnect the spark plug wire for safety.

-Drain the gas from the engine.

-Turn over your mower and scrape off the hardened grass and dirt.

-Use a wrench to remove the bolt or nut that holds the blade on to the mower.  A block of wood wedged between the blade and the edge of the mower will keep the blade from spinning.

-Remove the blade and place it in a vice.

-Using a flat, medium file held at the same angle as the blade, sharpen the outermost 3″ with even strokes, moving outward toward the cutting edge.  Use the same number of strokes on each blade.

-Reassemble the mower.

To keep your blade in top condition, you should sharpen it every month or two.  Or if you don’t like to mow, call us at Blass Residential Services.  We can do that!!

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