Avoid Ice Dams On Your Roof

Those icicles may look pretty hanging down from your roof, but they could be a sign that you have some serious problems. Icicles mean that water isn’t draining properly from your roof, which can cause ice dams. These dams can warp your eave troughs and fascia, cause roof rot, and even let melting ice leak into your house, resulting in stained and warped drywall. Why does this happen? Because trapped heat in your attic is melting the snow, it trickles down the roof and refreezes, continually adding to the iceberg. The solution? More insulation on the floor of your attic, at least to the level of R-49, to help keep the heat from leaving your living space; and better ventilation to allow heated air to escape your attic. If you have an ice dam, you can remove it by using a long-handled roof rake. Stand on the ground…never the roof… and rake the snow and ice downward in the direction of the shingles. Fill a stocking with ice melter and drape it across the ice dam to melt a channel in it and allow water to drain through the blockage. For assistance with your insulation and ventilation, call Blass Residential Services. We can do that!

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