How To Select Firewood

A blazing fire can really warm up these cold winter nights. When selecting firewood, make sure you get only seasoned wood. This is wood that is not freshly cut, but has had time to dry out. And keep in mind that wood doesn’t dry well unless it has been split and the long faces of the logs are open to the air. If you’re storing your firewood outside, cover the top to protect it from rain and snow, but leave the sides open. Enclosing a pile of firewood is like enclosing a bag of wet laundry…it’ll never dry! If you burn wood with a high moisture content, it’ll smoke and leave creosote in your chimney, and you won’t generate as much heat as you will with dry wood. Wood from most trees will burn well in your fireplace…even pine-though the sap will cause some ‘flashing’ in your fireplace, it also ensures that the wood burns thoroughly and doesn’t leave much ash. Follow these simple tips to enjoy a cozy fire on these chilly nights.

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