Fireplace Inserts Explained

Looking for a way to improve your home’s heating efficiency and dress up your living space at the same time? Try a fireplace insert. There are many different types and styles. Inserts come in natural gas, propane gas, pellet burning and wood burning – with vents or without. Pellet inserts burn by-products of sawmills – basically sawdust that’s been compressed into pellets. Wood burning inserts are generally more efficient than the older wood burning fireplaces. All these options produce less air emissions than traditional wood burning fireplaces and increase your fireplace’s heat output. Fireplace inserts achieve their efficiency in their design: a firebox surrounded by a steel shell. Air from your home flows into the shell, is heated, and released back into the home, instead of escaping up the chimney. So how do you know which fireplace insert will work best for your home? Give us a call at Blass Residential Services. We’d be glad to discuss your options with you.

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