Easy Steps to Clean Your Garage Floor

Is your garage floor stained with car oil and other materials? There are some easy ways to clean up the mess.
-First, soak up the standing puddles with any absorbent materials: towels, newspaper, cat litter, sawdust, etc. Properly dispose of this material since it
is now hazardous.
-Next, try using dish soap in water to scrub the stain out. Cola, orange hand cleaners, and trisodium phosphate are also effective for breaking up the stain.
-If the stain is more difficult, it’s time to head to your local hardware or auto parts store for a solvent or proprietary cleaner. Follow label instructions.
Afterwards, wash off the cleanser with plain water.
-To protect your garage floor in the future, buy a large car pad to cover the floor, or treat the floor with a coating that is less likely to stain.
For further advice, give us a call at Blass Residential Services. We can do that!

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