Prepare your home for vacation

Heading someplace warm for the winter?  Here are some tips to prepare your home before you leave: 
-Have your furnace inspected, and turn your heat down to 55, but don’t turn it off.
-Disconnect the hoses to the washing machine and leave the valves open.
-Turn off and drain your water heater.
-Perform one final backwash then disconnect your water softener. 
-Disconnect your outdoor hoses so they don’t freeze.
-Pour non-toxic (RV) antifreeze into all traps and drains, including the dishwasher,  showers and toilets.
Keep a check-list, and reverse all procedures when you return.  Bring the heat back on slowly.  Turn the water supply on slowly and open the faucets to bleed the air from the lines.  These simple steps will ensure your home is safe and ready for your return.  And don’t forget to call Blass Residential Services if you need any assistance with your home maintenance.

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