Don’t forget the gutters!

In the coming weeks the leaves will begin falling from the trees.  While most of us are occupied raking and collecting the leaves from our lawns and flower beds, we often neglect one important location for leaf collection: the gutters on our homes! It’s a good idea to inspect your gutters twice a year–once in the fall and again in the spring to insure they are free of debris. Take a few minutes to inspect the throat of each of  the downspouts. Remove any obstructions. It doesn’t hurt to use a garden hose to test the downspouts so you know they are flowing.  Plugged downspouts and gutters are a major source of rotting sheathing, fascia and soffits, and can also cause water migration into your crawl space or basement.

Do want the hassle? Don’t have the time? Call us–We Can Do That!

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Deniz Says,

Yeah, we’ve realized how much work it is. More to clean, paint, heat. I’m seiorusly considering getting those gutter guards they have now. Never having to clean those gutters again sounds good to me.

on August 20, 2012 at 07:18 AM

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