Retaining walls, patios, and sidewalks

Outdoor living is greatly enhanced by well-designed spaces. Retaining walls, patios and sidewalks provide needed functionality while at the same time defining boundaries and creating the desired “feel” and aesthetics that beautify your home.

The days of landscape timber and railroad ties are, thankfully, over! There are so many products available today in a variety of textures and colors, allowing homeowners to select walking surfaces that complement their existing home design. Patios and sidewalks can be constructed of traditional brush or smooth finished concrete, or even stamped with a design and colored with pigment. If you are looking for something other than concrete, paver bricks and patio blocks come in all sizes, designs, and colors and allow us to create a beautiful affect using natural materials.

Retaining walls are useful as a way to manage severe grade differentials in landscaping, and provide the opportunity to control water runoff, thus preventing erosion and landscaping damage. Retaining walls are also a great way to create raised beds for planting, and provide us with the ability to create variances in height structures throughout the space which adds character and depth to the design.

Sidewalks help direct foot traffic and help keep shoes clean while at the same time protecting your lawn and landscaping investment! By installing sidewalks with interesting radiuses and angles we can enhance the visual appeal of the space. The use of outdoor lighting contributes greatly to a pleasing environment that is functional and beautiful.

Outdoor countertops and kitchens provide great functionality for those who spend a lot of time on the patio in the summer, and expand and enhance seasonal living space for homeowners.

Blass Residential Services offers a full line of outdoor design and construction services. By effectively integrating landscaping with patio, sidewalk and retaining wall construction, we can achieve the look and feel you desire in your outdoor living space.

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