Hardwood and Ceramic Floors

Hardwood and ceramic flooring materials are enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  Homeowners should be aware that not all materials are created equal; before investing significant funds in floor replacement it is important to consider what material will provide the best service in any particular application.

 We frequently observe homes in which ceramic tile is used in exterior applications, such as on steps or patios. While ceramic style tile has been used outside for many years, it is important to consider the finish on the tile, as high-gloss, smooth tile that is wet is extremely slippery. Also consider the effect of salt or other de-icers on the tile and grout surface.  Understand that ceramic floors will feel a little colder than non-ceramic, especially when installed over a slab or non-heated crawl space. Anything dropped on a ceramic floor that is breakable, well—it will break. Even so, ceramic style flooring is durable, beautiful, and can add value to your home.

Hardwood floors: today, the consumer has several options when it comes to wood finishes. There are some really beautiful engineered floor products, but many of these products don’t withstand water or moisture very well, which makes them a poor choice for areas prone to tracking from outside. We also recommend avoiding engineered products in kitchens and baths, unless the product is specifically designed for those applications.

When choosing a natural wood product, for example ¾” tongue & groove oak, keep in mind that even natural wood products can differ in quality based upon the manufacturer and even the location where the product is grown. Sometimes higher-priced hardwood flooring is actually a better value because there is less waste as compared to a lower priced product. This is one of those areas where the wise homeowner will do some research to understand the differences in products.

Blass Residential Services can install ceramic tile, engineered and natural hard wood floors for area homeowners. Give us a call for a free consultation and estimate.

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