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Outdoor living is enhanced by the use of decks and fences. Decks offer homeowners a place to enjoy the outdoors and relax in their free time. Depending upon the design of the home and the slope of the grade, multi-level decks can add an interesting visual effect to outdoor space. We can also combine patio pavers and wood decking material in various designs to add variety and character. Above-grade structures such as decks can allow for a better view while relaxing, since you are sitting higher than when sitting on a patio at grade-level. Built-in structures, such as benches, flower boxes and beds, and permanently installed grills are fairly easy to include in a deck design. The use of wooden structures, such as a pergola, can create some shelter from sun and a location for the installation of outdoor ceiling fans, if desired. Lighting can be appropriately integrated into the deck design, as well as outdoor speaker and sound systems. 

Fences can be utilized as barriers for privacy or as a more subtle cue for boundary definition. Fencing, whether wood, vinyl, or chain-link, can provide both form and function, depending upon the homeowners’ needs.

When choosing fence material, think about the maintenance required to keep it looking good and to maintain functionality. It is important to consider scale when choosing fence sizes: for example, a six-foot “privacy” fence enclosing a front yard on a normal city-lot may accomplish the visual barrier you are looking for but it will likely detract from the appearance of your home. You should also consider local zoning and building codes since there is often a restriction on the height and design of fencing if you live in a municipal jurisdiction or a zoned township. Finally, consider airflow issues. Erecting a large privacy fence in a small area can adversely impact the movement of air, and you could be inadvertently creating a space that will be unusable several days a year.

Every home and outdoor living space is different, and requires different solutions. At Blass Residential Services we specialize in helping homeowners solve problems. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate for your deck and fencing needs.

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