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Ask anyone—family, friend, person sitting next to you at the game—if they can paint, and you will almost always get one of two answers: “Yes, I can paint” or “I HATE to paint.” Rarely does anyone respond by saying “I just cannot paint very well.” The truth is people seem to believe that because painting doesn’t really require a lot of hard-to-understand equipment (let’s face it, a brush, roller, and bucket of paint will do!), and the process for getting paint from the bucket or pan to the surface to be painted is pretty simple, ANYONE CAN DO IT. Well, to be charitable, it’s probably true—anyone can get paint from the bucket to the surface. But being a good painter requires a steady hand, a keen eye for detail, patience, and organization. In addition, professional painters have to be extremely neat as they work on customers’ homes.

Preparation is the key to any well-done painting project. It is critical to insure that the surface is dry and clean and that appropriate primer or bonding coats are applied. Understanding environmental conditions is important. For example, when painting exterior surfaces one should avoid painting in direct sunlight. Premature surface drying can affect the final appearance of paint—so painting in high wind conditions, especially when the relative humidity is low, can prevent the painter from maintaining a “wet edge.”  This can result in unsightly brush strokes and an uneven appearance of the top coat.

Using quality paint is essential. Fully 95% of most painting costs are labor-related; it makes absolutely no sense to put an inferior grade of paint on a surface in order to save a few dollars per gallon when the labor costs will be unaffected—in other words, it costs at least as much to apply cheap paint as it does high-quality paint.

Blass Residential Services is your full service painting contractor. Whether you want to change the color of a room, repair damaged walls and ceilings, or insure that exterior surfaces are properly preserved in an aesthetically pleasing way, call us for a free estimate!

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Surjeet Says,

My personal opionin is that bedrooms, bathrooms, office, dens basements can all be painted different colors since they usually all have different themes anyways. But if rooms don’t have defined separate spaces (my kitchen, eat in area, family room and foyer has an open floor plan), then paint it all the same color. But it doesn’t have to be neutral. For example in my house:Office: Greyish purple1/2 bath: YellowMaster bedroom: Sage greenMaster bathroom: Sage green brown2nd bedroom: Purple (daughter)3rd bedroom: Pink (daughter)4th bedroom: Blue (son)Kids bathroom: YellowKitchen/family room/foyer: Chocolate brown TaupeLiving room/Dining room: Taupe

on August 20, 2012 at 06:20 AM

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