Basement Conversions

One of the most cost-effective ways to add living space to a home is to convert the basement from a utilitarian storage space to a beautiful, warm and inviting place for daily activities. The ideal basement for conversion will be dry—that is, not susceptible to regular water seepage or leaking; and also one that has sufficient headroom—at least 7 feet from floor to ceiling.  There are several ways to waterproof basements, so depending upon the nature of the problem and the integrity of existing basement walls a water seepage problem can be resolved in most instances.

Basements can be used for virtually anything that any other room in the house is used for with the exception of a solarium! We can install bathrooms, a kitchen or kitchenette, offices, workout rooms, family rooms, bedrooms—you name it, we can probably make it happen.

Our basement conversions are accomplished using standard 2×4 wood-framed walls, insulation with vapor barrier, finished drywall, and either an acoustical tile-drop ceiling or a dry-walled ceiling, depending upon the customer’s preference and needs. We can create built-in entertainment and electronics centers for home theatre systems, and complete lighting and sound systems as desired. A properly converted basement doesn’t look or feel like a basement!

Another thing to consider: basement conversion projects limit the inconvenience and intrusion that construction projects bring to your home, since we can normally work in the basement without impacting activities and lifestyle in the upper floors of the home.

If you are thinking about adding living space to your house, first consider the possibilities of a basement conversion.

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